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How To Make Your Custom Sliding Drawers One Of A Kind

One of the major benefits of ordering custom sliding drawers from The Drawer Dude is that your project is unique to your home! Whether you’re interested in custom cabinets for your bathroom, kitchen, closet, or elsewhere, the team at the Drawer Dude works with you to understand what your goals are, how many cabinets you’reRead More 

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Spring Cleaning 2021: How To Take Back Your Closet

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to really take stock of everything in your home and clean out everything unneeded and just taking up space. From deep scrubs of the tile flooring to go through all your clothes, it’s the time to take care of your home. One of the areas that likely need substantialRead More 

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What is The Best Wood for Making Drawers?

Homeowners who are looking to remodel their kitchens are often puzzled and confused about the type of wood to select when it comes to constructing the drawers, specifically the drawer boxes. It is easy to select the cabinetry from the attractive hardwoods available on the market. But what about the drawer boxes?  Should the interiorRead More 

3 Reasons You Should Get Custom Pull Out Drawers

3 Reasons You Should Get Custom Pull Out Drawers

Feeling as if your home could use a lit bit of a makeover, especially when it comes to your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets? If so, then maybe custom pull out drawers are needed. Custom pull out drawers will make an excellent addition to your house, and The Drawer Dude of Palm Beach County can helpRead More 

Why You Should Hire The Drawer Dude

Why You Should Hire The Drawer Dude

The Drawer Dude has been trusted by residents of Palm Beach County for numerous years to provide them with quality drawers. Whenever you need a quality, custom pullout drawer tailored for your needs, believe us when we say that there’s no better professional on the market. But if you’re not entirely sure if the DrawerRead More 

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