Are you searching for high-quality custom roll-out drawers or pull out shelves custom made right here in Palm Beach County? Then you’ve found the right team!  With more than 14 years of experience serving the community, we are proud to deliver organization and value without sacrificing product quality in all of our custom pull out drawers and shelving projects.

The Drawer Dude specializes in building custom storage cabinets, custom roll-out drawers, custom kitchen cabinets, and creating custom storage ideas. We can customize your storage solutions by building pull-out shelves, slide out shelves, and roll-out custom kitchen cabinets that will provide you with more space and organization.

Contact us now to schedule a no-obligation, in-home assessment.  Let us demonstrate our drawers and share our knowledge of the best way to maximize your space while saving you money.

We love what we do and are certain you will, too.  Call the Drawer Dude, because he’s ready to roll!

Pull Out Shelves and Roll Out Cabinet Drawers

For clients in and around Palm Beach County looking for storage solutions for their kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any cabinet, our custom pull out shelves and roll out cabinet drawers are a GREAT solution! We assess your situation, your needs and organization ideas, and create custom roll out cabinet drawers and shelves to fit your existing cabinets. These custom pull out shelves and roll out cabinet drawers allow you to store more in your cabinets while neatly organizing the contents in a space-saving setup.

By going the custom route, your roll out cabinet shelves and drawers can match your existing cabinets and look great while helping you save space. From wooden storage drawers to an under sink pull out drawer, nothing is impossible when working with Cupboard Converters.

Some of the popular solutions we offer include pull out shelves for custom kitchen cabinets, wooden storage drawers, bedroom storage solutions, cabinet roll out shelves, roll out kitchen drawers, custom drawer organizers, custom under sink pull out drawer, pull out cabinet shelves, roll out cabinet drawers, roll out shelves, shelves that slide, pull out drawers and more. Call us today!

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Create Extra Space with Various Types of Custom Roll Out Drawers

What could be better than creating extra space you need? Let Cupboard Converters be the answer to all of your problems for minimum storage space.

Pull Out Shelves for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen cabinets? Do you feel like you just do not have enough space to store all of the items you need to store? Are you contemplating adding more kitchen cabinets in your kitchen? Before going that route, which can be extremely expensive, try improving what you already have by adding our pull out shelves to your custom kitchen cabinets. With our custom pull out shelves, you will be able to fit more items in your existing storage cabinets, making your cabinets now custom kitchen cabinets. This is a great alternative to adding more kitchen cabinets and also will make your space look larger by not needing to add additional custom kitchen cabinets. Transform traditional cabinets with minimum storage with trendy wooden storage drawers and unique pull out drawers for optimal storage! Talk to you one our experts about custom pull out shelves today!

Slide Out Shelves (Sliding Shelves / Rolling Shelves) a Great Space Saver!

Every customer of Cupboard Converters knows what a convenience slide out shelves can bring to any room or custom cabinet but the true beauty of custom sliding shelves and rolling shelves is the space saving options it gives you. Do you ever feel like you are having to resort in moving your kitchen items, plates, utensils and more, to other cabinets in your home because they just don’t fit in immediate cabinets in your kitchen? Well, with custom slide out shelves, you can fit a lot more in your existing kitchen cabinets and be able to spare your other cabinets throughout your house. This can also save you cost in other rooms by not need to buy additional dressers and storage options. Ask one of the experts at Cupboard Converters about our slide out shelves, sliding shelves and rolling shelves!

Are you looking to save space in your bathroom? Adding a custom under sink pull out drawer can be an excellent space saver for your bathroom by adding the slide out shelves to that room of your house. Now, whether it be bathing supplies, extra towels, toothpaste or anything, you can easily fit them all in your bathroom.

Pull Out Shelves for Any Space!

Often times, when thinking of pull out shelves, people instantly think about kitchen cabinets with roll out drawers. Although kitchen cabinets with drawers that roll out are the most common use case for pull out shelves, it is not the only place where pull out shelves can be helpful! At Cupboard Converters, we work with many residents and businesses throughout Palm Beach County by offering our custom pull out shelves / roll out drawer devices. Besides installing pull out shelves in kitchens, we oftentimes install the roll out drawers in bathrooms (a great place to save space!), outdoor patios / decks (to fit your pool supplies / grilling supplies) and in bedrooms. If you have a cabinet, or custom cabinet, and want to save space and get the most use out of the space you have, you should consider the custom built pull out shelves from Cupboard Converters.

From our slide out storage drawers and shelves to our under sink pull out drawer options to our closet ideas and shelves that slide, you will quickly be impressed by how we create unique space that you can use to store your goods. Our custom pull out drawers are unique in that they not only provide you organization and additional storage space but save you money by preventing an unnecessary renovation for extra space! Let us help you make your home extra special by letting us place our custom roll out drawers in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, North Palm Beach, Lantana, and all throughout Palm Beach County!