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Based in Lake Worth, Florida, the Drawer Dude has been creating custom cut roll-out drawers, custom accessible storage cabinets, and other customized cabinetry solutions for the residents of Palm Beach County for over a decade.

The Drawer Dude creates all of our custom drawers and custom storage cabinets at our Lake Worth woodshop. As each piece is designed for your home and is created locally, this gives our customers the assurance that all of our kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and storage cabinet builds are high-quality. When the construction process is complete, the Drawer Dude hand-delivers the custom-built roll-out drawers or accessible cabinet to your home, villa, or condo, where they are professionally installed. From measurement to design to build to installation, it typically takes two weeks from the order date for the Drawer Dude to complete your customized kitchen, bathroom, or pantry roll-out drawers.

The Drawer Dude Difference

The excellence in quality, from materials to woodworking skills, as well as the personal touch of local service and delivery, is what makes the Drawer Dude different from other woodworkers or carpenters. The Drawer Dude takes great pride in all of the jobs regardless of the scope. Below are just a few of the reasons why the Drawer Dude is a cut above the rest.

Natural Wood Construction

The Drawer Dude constructs all of our custom drawers and storage projects with 100% natural wood. There are some companies that will create their woodworking projects utilizing particleboard (which is made from wood chips mixed into a synthetic resin) or medium-density fiberboard (which is created by turning scrap wood into fibers and then pressing them together with wax and resin). With the Drawer Dude, all of our custom drawers are created using only plywood and maple veneer.

High-Quality Furniture Finishes

Much like premium hardwood flooring, the maple custom pull-out drawers created by the Drawer Dude are made using real maple veneer expertly applied over high-quality plywood. In addition to using high-end, long-lasting wood and wood veneer, the Drawer Dude applies an ultraviolet coating to your custom piece, which is just like the finish used on high-quality hardwood floors and furniture.

Smooth, Quiet, Reliable Drawer Runners

The Drawer Dude exclusively uses Blum drawer runners to provide you with a smooth, reliable, quiet experience. Blum creates some of the world’s best runner systems, offering the feather-light glide of their Movento four-dimensional adjustment system, the seamlessly concealed Tandem runners, and their original, time-testing Standard roller runner. Fine workmanship is assured when you order customized roll-out drawers or made-to-order accessible storage cabinets from the Drawer Dude.

Serving the Palm Beaches

The Drawer Dude proudly serves the majority of Palm Beach County.

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