Custom Kitchen Cabinets in West Palm Beach

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in West Palm Beach

Custom kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach - The Drawer Dude

Taking on a project like remodeling your kitchen can be difficult especially with all the different options you have to choose from. Many people think customizing your kitchen cabinets to fit your particular style can be expensive as well. Not to worry, The Drawer Dude will help make the remodeling project as painless as possible. We specialize in handcrafting all your custom kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach. Our high-quality kitchen cabinets will help expand your cabinet space for better accessibility and organization. The Drawer Dude, wants you to dream big so we can give you the custom kitchen you’ve always wanted. No matter the size of the job, The Drawer Dude has over 10 years of seasoned experience in building custom kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach and all across Palm Beach County.  We are ready to roll on your next kitchen remodeling job! For Palm Beach cabinets, trust The Drawer Dude.

With all the options available to customize your kitchen cabinets, do not go at it alone. Give our experts a call so we can help you take your kitchen transformation to the next level! We know how to alleviate your worry and just leave all the heavy lifting to The Drawer Dude. Custom kitchen cabinets are not all the same. Some are pre-made or stock which offer bare-bones options and some are semi-customed and unfinished but can be outfitted with stains or painted for the desired look. We want you to understand we allow you to fully customize your cabinets so we will go over every detail with you to ensure the finished product is what you want. Here is the Kitchen Cabinets In West Palm Beach options you have to choose from:

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

  • Base Cabinets – base cabinets are located under your countertops and usually around your kitchen island.  We offer kitchen desk cabinetry and sink pull out cabinets as well. More traditional options are base pull out cabinets, typical base easy-access cabinets, two drawer cabinets, open base cabinets, corner cabinets, super cabinets, and recycle & trash cabinets. Most of these can be customized to have a lazy susan, adjustable roll-out drawers or shelves.
  • Wall Cabinets – wall cabinets are all wall-mounted for any room and provide access to all things while standing. These wall cabinets are also offered in smaller sized cabinets to hold spices, appliances or bread box cabinets, typical easy-access cabinets, or corner cabinets that include a lazy susan. All are fully customizable and just depends on your layout.
  • Tall Cabinets – are often used for a pantry, fine china, and or utility storage. These include the ability to accommodate larger items. For instance, bulk foods and or brooms and mops.  These are available in utility tall cabinets, oven & microwave cabinets, tall or wide pantry pullouts.

Cabinet Construction

The construction of custom kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach depends on look and functionality. When constructing high-quality custom kitchen cabinets, it’s important to think about shelving options, types of wood, hinges, and finishing techniques because they all play an important role. Cabinet construction options are offered in three types:

  • Framed – Framed is the most traditional construction that offers rails and stiles that form a frame at the front of your cabinet.
  • Inset – this construction type features doors that fit inside of the cabinet face. Having your cabinet doors flush and inset on the inside of the frame opening allows for minimal gaps between openings.
  • Frameless – Frameless is exactly that, it lacks the frame around the opening of the cabinet.

Types of Wood

It’s important to know how the characteristics of wood can affect the look of your custom kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach.  For the most part, those who are considering having custom kitchen cabinets built already have an idea of what they want ahead of the project. Some people are still left undecided due to all the options they have to choose from. Once you have checked out all your options, you then can make a decision of what type of wood you would like since you know the characteristics and how you want them finished. Here are some of the wood characteristics of what to expect with each:

Natural Wood Characteristics

  • Burl – this wood does not contain a knot but offers a swirling grain or fingerprint grain.
  • Sapwood – the lighter colored wood that grows from inside the bark.
  • Heartwood – the mature darker wood that extends from the sapwood.
  • Wormholes – holes in the wood that resemble a worm.
  • Bird Pecks – small divots in the grain pattern caused by birds pecking at the wood.
  • Unsound Knot – a bigger knot in the wood face.
  • Sound Knot – a nice tight knot and solid face that shows no decay.
  • Gum Streaks – mineral-like streaks found in only Cherry wood.
  • Mineral Streaks – blackish-brown in color and follows the grain pattern

Wood Types

  • Birch – offers a smooth surface and a tight grain that is heavy and strong. The typical color is white to a creamy yellow and ranges from dark brown to a reddish-brown.
  • Pecan – this wood can range from blonde or white to dark or reddish-browns.
  • Alder – characterized by reddish and light brown undertones and even-textured wood grain.
  • Maple – Offers a very subtle grain pattern and for the most part, is a creamy-white but can find reddish-brown tones mixed in.
  • Oak – A distinct grain pattern and comes in a variety of colors from white to more reddish tones.
  • Walnut – Comes in color ranges from light reddish-gray brown to deep chocolate and offers a smooth, straight muted brown wood grain.
  • Hickory – Can appear as a natural contrast due to the sapwood and heartwood. Color ranges all over from blonde to white to reddish-brown and dark brown.
  • Cherry – Characterized by their smooth, close-grained appearance and vary in color from white to deep brown.

Cabinet Finishes

  • Paints – paints are applied on an opaque colored finish cabinet is desired and on tighter grained wood types. A smooth finish can be expected, although it does depend on the type of wood used.
  • Stains – stains are applied to any custom kitchen cabinets and help bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Stains range anywhere from light to dark. Light stains allow more of the wood’s natural character to shine while the darker stains will hide the grain a bit more. The darker stains definitely create a more dramatic and richer look.
  • Glazes – glazes are used to highlight different edges of your custom kitchen cabinets and can be applied to both stain and paint finishes.
  • Finishing touches – finishing touches are great ways to add to your custom kitchen cabinets. We can distress the finish, sand the edges, add dents or gouges to your cabinets that leave a perfectly aged look. It all depends on how you want to customize your cabinets. The choice is yours!

When The Drawer Dude utilizes one of these cabinet finishes, it will be sure to bring out the best characteristics of your custom kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach!


Hardware options are used as a  finishing touch to your custom kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach. The possibilities and options are endless, but it really comes down to how you want it to look considering your style and feel. In addition, your design theme or functionality can come into play with finding the right hardware to finish off your custom kitchen cabinets. Hardware for your custom kitchen cabinets is available in all materials, designs, and shapes to choose from. Here are a few options:

  • Antique Copper
  • Polished Brass
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Satin Nickel
  • Glass
  • Ceramic

Custom Roll Out Drawers in West Palm Beach

Custom Roll Out Drawers in West Palm Beach - The Drawer Dude

We understand it can be difficult finding the right company that can fully customize all aspects of your kitchen cabinets. You can trust that The Drawer Dude is up for the task of your kitchen remodeling project. We specialize in creating custom kitchen cabinets and custom roll out drawers in West Palm Beach.  The Drawer Dude wants you to take customization to the next level! Maybe you have an unorganized pantry or maybe a more functioning laundry room. No matter what you request, leave it to The Drawer Dude to deliver the high-quality custom roll out drawers specifically for your kitchen cabinets. We ensure our custom roll out drawers and custom kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach will help you to better utilize up to 50% more of your current cabinets available space. If your kitchen needs a makeover or needs more functionality then give The Drawer Dude a call!

We can’t wait to show you how we can transform your kitchen cabinets into well organized and highly functioning storage units with our custom roll out drawers in West Palm Beach. Contact us by form fill or by calling us at 561-585-7117 today! Choose the Kitchen Cabinets in West Palm Beach experts at The Drawer Dude.

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