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Renovate Your Space With Custom Drawers

When renovating your space, what is one of the first things to consider other than style? It’s storage and quality! Yes, picking the paint color or knobs is important, but so is making sure that your drawer is of high quality and fits everything it was designed to. Unfortunately, not all drawers are created equal. Differences in quality can be seen in the wood chosen, leading to cracking, chipping, and disrepair. Thankfully, our materials use real maple veneer that has a hard durable UV finish. All of the wood we use is manufactured by Blum, an Austrian that guarantees their products for life.

From closets to laundry rooms or pantries, making sure that your space has enough space is an extremely essential part of any drawer design. Imagine having a beautifully designed kitchen with cans and spices all around the countertops or a gorgeous bedroom littered with shoes and clothes. Living without enough storage space can really put a damper on things. When a place feels cluttered, so does your mind. Nothing is as satisfying as having a well-organized room where everything has a home.

Even if you have existing drawers, there is no reason to settle for storage that does not work in any given space. These can be replaced fairly easily. 

Storage can completely change the look and feel of any space. This is especially true of our high-quality, roll-out custom drawers that are customized for your home! Our custom drawers are a great choice if you are in a space with an interesting layout, or if you have unique storage needs. If you have a smaller space or an unusual floor plan, then you know that every inch counts. We can create customized shapes that fit perfectly in corners or around pipes to maximize usage. 

Even in large homes, custom drawers are a perfect way to get the most out of your space. If you want deeper drawers, this can happen. A good way to get started is by going through the areas and deciding what the intended purpose of each drawer will be. 

For every client, we come out and take measurements to be sure that their custom drawers will come out perfectly! No one wants a drawer that does not maximize space usage. Construction of the drawers themselves comes next. This is done by us in our local shop in Palm Beach County, and never outsourced to third parties. And then of course comes the installation. We come to your home and install the drawers and clean everything up within a few hours. Start to finish, the average project takes around 2 weeks to complete. 

From custom spice drawers to stunning shoe storage, we do it all.  Customized drawers will maximize your storage while making the kitchen, closet, or home feel more spacious. No matter the shape or area in which you wish to have a drawer, The Drawer Dude has got you covered! 

We have over 15 years of experience with building many custom drawers in Palm Beach County, including:

  • Pantry drawers
  • Spice drawers
  • Closet drawers
  • Pull out bins
  • Lazy Susans
  • Bathroom drawers
  • More!

Interested in learning more about our custom slide out drawer solutions? Call us today at (561) 313-7275 or contact us online to get a free quote!

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