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The Best Wood For Your Custom Kitchen Drawers

You’ve finally made the decision to upgrade your kitchen with new custom kitchen drawers. It’s going to feel like a whole new kitchen, but now you’re racking your brain wondering what type of wood should be used for the drawers. There are so many different types of wood that can be used, all offering different styles, colors, and qualities. The Drawer Dude is going to help break down these different types of wood for your custom kitchen drawers so you are more than satisfied. 


Choosing a Wood

Choosing wood will always come down to personal preference based on how it looks and works with what’s already present in the kitchen. It has to be mentioned the different qualities each type of wood has so you don’t get drawn in by just how it looks. As an example, walnut is a wood that contains a high sap percentage which is why it’s known to have a shiny and streaky complexion. This unique look is a reason why walnut is often much more expensive than oak. Wood crafters will often ask for more money trying to get the perfect lined pattern in the wood. Cheap walnut will have irregular stripes and can sometimes be painted on in order to save on labor and time. It’s never a good idea to go with cheap walnut.

Oak is the most popular and common wood used for our custom kitchen drawers. American oak is usually used by default. A European oak can also be used if you prefer a darker complexion of wood. 

Since wood is a natural material, it can’t be crafted to look a certain way. It has to all happen naturally which is why a good piece of wood that has good color, grain, and the pattern will sometimes be more expensive.

Other types of hardwood are all great choices for custom kitchen drawers. Besides walnut and oak, there’s also maple, birch, beech, cherry, and ash. 


Fine Detail

Drawers have to be a certain thickness and are created from a single slab of wood. If the drawers are over a certain height, wood will have to be combined in order to make it fit. The higher quality the wood selected is for this process, the less visible the joints will be making it much more appealing. 


Custom Kitchen Drawers In Florida

It’s time to get rid of those old, unorganized kitchen drawers… but don’t just renovate them! Have custom kitchen drawers designed just for you by The Drawer Dude. Visit our contact page or call us at 561.313.7275.

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