Tips for Escalating Your Pantry Storage

Tips for Escalating Your Pantry Storage

Tips for Escalating Your Pantry Storage

The pantry is your storage space for everything in the kitchen. Everyone loves having a stocked pantry, but over time you may notice that you can’t fit everything in your pantry anymore. This has left you with a cluttered pantry that makes finding the thing you need more difficult than it has to be. The Drawer Dude wants to help you escalate your pantry storage. These tips won’t just help you make room in the pantry, but they’ll also make your kitchen more organized and functional.

Shelves for Pantry Storage

A simple and effective solution, pantry shelving is a wonderful way to make your pantry more organized without breaking the bank. Shelves allow you to place everything where you want it to be and make locating items much easier. The drawback for some is that adding shelving requires a pantry with ample room to do so. Shelving will take up some of the room in your pantry so make sure there is still enough space to move around and get what you need. Installing U-shaped shelves are a great way to increase pantry storage as well as visibility and accessibility. 

Pull-out Pantry Baskets

Pantry pull-out baskets are another great way to escalate your pantry capacity. Adding these will increase your storage by over 30% as well as give you more surface area. If you decide to go with this option, make sure you choose a reliable company. There are tons of different custom pull-out drawer makers and not all of them are the same. Make sure to check reviews and do research before choosing a company. 

Correct Installation

When making installations and changes to your pantry, make sure the installation is done right. This can be done yourself, but to ensure optimal results, it’s always a good idea to hire professionals that have years of experience installing new pantry storage. 

Choose The Right Pull-Out Size

The great thing about custom pantry storage baskets is that they can be custom-made to fit your pantry. Not choosing the correct size basket can make storage impossible. You don’t need something that won’t even fit into your closet. You also want to make sure that the product is made well and not with cheap materials. This can affect different factors such as weight limit and efficiency. 

Keep Storage Light

A pantry that is longer than 400mm can become a problem the more it’s used. Weight limits are much more important and not paying attention can result in repairs. You also need to make sure that baskets of this size are supported by lasting materials such as stainless steel. 

Escalate Your Pantry Storage with The Drawer Dude

If you’re losing the pantry storage battle, it’s time to call The Drawer Dude. Every product installed by The Drawer Dude is custom-made for your pantry. You’ll never have to worry about something not working or being built properly. Visit our contact page today if you are ready for custom pantry storage. 

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